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This figure is called Okamaras and from Part 8 of the Kinkeshi collection.


This figure is called Black Fire and comes from Part 9 of the Kinkeshi collection.


This figure is actually from a pair of figures from Part 15, which is the same set that both Dark Emperor and Drunken Master are from. You can see the pair of figures in the below pictures.


Unfortunately I currently don’t own a version of the Kinkotsuman figure so I can't provide you with a blurry picture. Hopefully that will soon change. At any rate, this figure is another 2 piece set from Part 15. You can see the pair of figures in the below pictures.


This is the sword figure seen with the figure he was originally coupled with. This pair of figures is from Part 15.

Additional Pictures
Below are two pictures from Naochin's Kinkeshi Archives. While they are smaller they provide a clearer view of the two sets of figure pairs.



- These images were used without permission from Naochin's Kinkeshi Archives because I don't speak Japanese. I apologize and don’t encourage this type of behavior. I do not take credit for these pictures.